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ALIGHTWITHIN WELLNESS is located in the peaceful hills above Studio City, Los Angeles. The space is calm and nurturing, encouraging you to unwind and supercharge your healing.


I use essential oils, sound healing and/or crystals, depending on client preference and my intuition, to facilitate deep relaxation and healing. Not only will we focus on whatever is front and center to your journey right now, the session also includes balancing your chakras, and any intuitive downloads that come through. It will leave you feeling lighter, energized, and inspired. Sessions combine reiki, intuitive healing, and/or akashic records work as needed.

Sessions include discussion before (intake and goal setting) and after, for feedback.

In-person session 70 min.  $175 

In-person session 90 min.  $250



Reiki can just as easily and effectively be performed at a distance. We may not have all the answers on how this works (yet), but rest assured it does!


Energy is not bound by physical space—we are all connected because we are all made of energy, and we are all part of a larger whole. 

Distance reiki sessions can be held over the phone, FaceTime, or Zoom. 

Distance healing session:

30 min.  $75

45 min. $111

60 min. $150



While animals love reiki, most of them prefer to experience a reiki session in their own home, pasture, or barn, or wherever they are comfortable. Therefore, I find it is most effective to work on animals remotely.


Sessions include time to discuss needs and goals before we start, and after to give you feedback on what I discovered during the work. 

Animal reiki healing session 

30 min. $75 

Animal communication only (includes a body scan)

20 min $50

Animal communication and reiki healing session

45 min. $100

Human/animal combo (animal communication plus healing for both of you)

60 min. $150


animal reiki healing.JPG

24hr cancellation policy



Commit to your healing and SAVE!


Since results are cumulative, I want to make it easy for new clients to give my energy healing experience a try with a very special rate of $400 for 3 - 60 minute sessions (remote) or $450 for 3 - 70 minute sessions (in person), to use within 3 months of purchase.

Package of 4:

60 min (remote):  $550 (save $50) 

70 min (in person): $630 (save $70)

Or buy 7 sessions, get one FREE! 


Package of 3 (30 min): $200 (save $25)

Package of 5 (30 min): $325 (save $50)

Packages are good for 12 months and can be shared with members of (or animals in) the same family. 

Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that supports your own healing. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe medication nor interfere with the work of a licensed medical professional. Reiki is complementary to, and separate from, medical services licensed by the state.

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