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My Background

Hi, my name is Ilana Sparrow.


I’m the founder of ALIGHTWITHIN WELLNESS and a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Advanced Intuitive Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner.


Since childhood, I’ve had strong intuitive abilities which manifested  through clairvoyance and medical intuition, among other areas. For most of my life, I turned away from these skills, afraid of embracing them. 

Instead, I earned my MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business, and spent many years working in entertainment marketing and business development, producing independent feature films, and in communications at a major animal not-for-profit.


During the 2020 pandemic lockdown, I felt called to reconnect with my intuition. This has, in turn, led to a deep and profound clarity about who I am, and how I can best be of service to others.

To further develop my energy and intuitive healing abilities, I’ve studied with a variety of teachers and continue to seek out new learning opportunities. In addition to my reiki certifications, I’m a certified advanced intuitive healer, and akashic records reader and incorporate those techniques into my healing work, to facilitate the healing and integration of my clients' mind, body, and spirit (this is not something Western medicine does!).

I have a particular interest and insight into working with the neuro-diverse population, and am a passionate proponent of using reiki therapy as a complement to existing allopathic treatments.

I also hold separate certifications in Animal Reiki and Animal Communication, and have always had a special connection to animals and a deep understanding of animal behavior.


I absolutely love energy healing, and am here to help you and/or your animal companions achieve a healthy, happy, and vibrant life.  

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My Philosophy

I believe that life is a never-ending journey of self-discovery and learning. We must grow from our emotional, mental and physical challenges to facilitate greater health and happiness within ourselves. Everyone is capable of healing themselves, but, sometimes, guidance is needed.


I see my role as a bridge in supporting and connecting you with your innate healing abilities. Reiki is a fantastic tool with which to unlock mental and emotional blocks and to assist the body in healing from physical ailments, which, in many cases, may have an emotional and/or spiritual component.


One of the most beautiful aspects of reiki is that it can do no harm—you take from the energy what you need at that time in your life. A reiki healer is simply a channel. Much like pipes carry water from a reservoir to your home, a reiki therapist channels and focuses the energy—your body does the rest.


Each reiki session is as unique as each individual. I’m endlessly fascinated with this work and thrilled to bear witness to the positive changes and healing that clients experience. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of reiki energy healing, I’d be honored to take this journey with you.


In love and light,


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