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I had a knot in my shoulder for two weeks before Ilana worked on me. Not only did the knot disappear, it never came back. Thank you, Ilana!

LUCIE A., Studio City, CA


I’m a towering individual, planted solidly on this earth and when I fall, trees shake and bones crumble. Usually, my own. On this occasion, I tripped on a ramp and fell hard on my knee. I couldn’t walk straight, my knee was in agony and so was the rest of me. I sought out doctor’s advice and came away with some useless pills.  After a month of moaning, Ilana urged me to try Reiki with her. 

I was energized by the treatment...I felt clarity and focus and a sense of lightness. It was a good feeling! I loved the treatment; loved how I felt after and how it seemed to work on my knee. That day was the turning point on my knee. The swelling went down, the bruising slowly eked away. It took some days, but slowly my knee began to heal. And the pain stopped. I couldn’t tell you if this was the natural course of things, my knee healing in time and with a good brace, but I give the win to Ilana. 

RICHARD B., Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with everything. Seeing you was amazing, and I hope to do it again if I'm ever in Cali.


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